Indian Navy Issued LOR to US

Indian Navy Has Issued L.O.R. To U.S. copters

Letter of Application (LoR) to the US

Indian Navy has issued the Letter of Application (LoR) to the US., Under the route of Foreign Military Sales (FMS), for the purchase of 24 helicopters of multiple functions (MRH) MH-60R in an agreement estimated at $ 2 billion. This is one of the series of defense acquisitions and inductions of the United States and Russia in the last two months.

The Navy is currently facing a critical shortage of helicopters and several frontline warships are faced with empty helicopter decks. These helicopters are being purchased as a replacement for 15 Sea King ASW helicopters retired in 1991 and one Sea King 42B MRH lost in an accident. The current MRH in service, Sea King 42B, was installed in the 1980s.

November 22, 2018

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