Launch New Programme ‘Institution’s Innovation Council’ By HRD MInister

Launch New Programme ‘Institution’s Innovation Council’ By HRD MInister

Institution’s Innovation Council

The Human Resources Development Minister of the Union, Prakash Javadekar, launched the program of the Innovation Council of the Institution (CII) under the Innovation Cell of the Ministry of Human Resource Development through video conference in New Delhi on November 21 of 2018.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development has established an ‘innovation cell’ in AICTE to systematically promote the culture of innovation in all higher education institutions (HEIs) throughout the country. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that it is a significant step to institutionalize innovation and develop a scientific temperament in the country.

Key points

• More than 1000 institutions of higher education (IES) have already formed IICs on their campuses and have enrolled in the IIC network managed by the MHRD innovation cell to promote innovation through mass modes that lead to an ecosystem of promotion of innovation in their campuses.

• In most developed countries, universities are the main research centres and, due to their research, nations obtain the first positions in the world ranking of innovation.

• Now, Indian universities are also establishing research centres through the program of the Innovation Council of the Institution.

• Through this initiative, India hopes to obtain a good rank in the global innovation ranking in the next 2 or 3 years.


According to the Minister of HRD, educational progress in higher education can only be achieved by promoting best practices in innovation and advanced research and the Cell of Innovation has undertaken many initiatives in this direction, such as the implementation of programs such as the Atal Ranking of Institutions in Achievements of Innovation (ARIIA) and Smart India Hackathon (SIH) – 2019.

He also said that the IIC program will contribute to the overall development of education in the country.


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