Signed Loan agreement modernization of state highways in Bihar with ADB

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the government of the Union signed on November 26, 2018 a loan agreement for USD 200 million to finance the expansion and modernization of approximately 230 kilometers of state highways in Bihar to the general climate standards with road safety features.

This loan agreement for the Bihar State Highways III Project (BSHP-III) was signed by Sameer Kumar Khare, Additional Secretary (Fund Bank and ADB), Ministry of Finance of the Union and Rajeev P Singh, Officer in Charge of the Mission of Residents in India of the ADB.

The Bihar State Highways III Project agreement was signed by Vipin Kumar, Resident Commissioner of Bihar and Chandra Shekhar, Director General of Bihar State Roads Development Corporation Limited.

Bihar State Highways III Project (BSHP-III)

• The project involves upgrading state highways to the standard width of two lanes with road safety features and paved areas that include the reconstruction, expansion and strengthening of culverts and bridges.

• The Project will also develop the State’s institutional capacity for the design and maintenance of roads and incorporate new appropriate technologies in the State’s highway subsector.

• Improved roads will help save on the cost of vehicle operation and travel time, reduce vehicle emissions and improve road safety.

• Establish a Road Research Institute at the state level to improve the technical and management capacity of the personnel of the Road Agency.

• The loan will complement the efforts of the Bihar government to improve all state highways and meet the minimum two-lane standard with better road surfaces and better road safety.

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